“We have worked extensively with Jonas in the studio and on the road. He knows his shit and is extremely nice and fun to be around.
-Rasmus Stolberg, Efterklang & Liima (4AD)

In 2007 Kaikustudios Founders; Jonas Verwijnen and Janne Lounatvuori relocated to their current adopted hometown, Berlin. They have ceaselessly continued to work with both established international acts like Colin Stetson, Kings of Convenience, The Whitest Boy Alive, Kakkmaddafakka, Jason Spaceman, Moon Duo, Washed Out, Wolf Parade as well as Spencer Krug’s Moonface project, Liima and Siinai. Not to mention a whole host of exciting newcomers like Ballet School and P2X among many others.

Versatile in genres and sounds, they production and mixing CV is a token of their love for music and exploration. Their hands-on attitude and personable character is what makes them a producers that not just “the guy” behind the desk but a member of an extended musical family.

A separated stems mix in the analog summing creates a best of the both worlds of self production and studio equipment. We do summing through our state of the art Digital to Analog conversion with compressors and EQs from brands such as: Neumann, API, KUSH, Midas, Empirical Labs, Universal Audio, BFE, RME and MANLEY. As well as some professional digital plug-ins.

We use analog and digital equipment on mastering for all possible digital formats.

Pricing Stem Mixing
Summing thru 16 analog stereo channel (max. 92 stereo digital 44.100-192k/64bit)
Starting from EUR 150 + VAT per track
1 correction + mp3 conversion included

Pricing Online Mastering
Starting from EUR 60 + VAT per track
Single, EP and Album deals available

Pricing Full track mixing
Starting from EUR 300 + VAT per track’
3 correction + mp3 conversion included

Please ask if you have any questions. Please email us to info (at) kaikustudios.com