T Cole – Sipping Not Tripping

T Cole – Sipping Not Tripping

This song starts of really with this monster of a rhythm that just got me moving and nodding like crazy.. Her vocals come in next and just provides with such great singing and performance. The mixing of the reverb and distorted drums are just sick cool!! I love this!

They say: T. Cole is set to follow up her shining debut, with her second single “Sipping Not Tripping”. Rippling synth arpeggios set the stage for introspective melodies, which are paired with a confident, outgoing outlook. The result is an intelligent pop song, coursing with gorgeous harmonies and irresistible rhythm. 

T.Cole’s strong relationship with her production team is evident throughout – who built the track from a voice memo made while she was doing her chores at home.

“I couldn’t get this song out of my head.” T. Cole explains. “I asked my brother Josh to play some chords to it in the studio. And it just came together. Solo, my producer, jumped onboard, and we just created it around that melody.”

“I love that about it – I can hear my input. This song, I just find, is so different to how I’ve written in the past – writing to a beat.” 

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