Ivy Sole – Dangerous (Feat. Kingsley Ibeneche)

Ivy Sole – Dangerous (Feat. Kingsley Ibeneche)

Wow. I got sent this song and i fell in love! The song starts, and the singing vibe and tone are just perfect, then she started rapping! WHAT! STOP! She is frekking talented! OMG that rap flow is Sick! I love the beat too the “techy” chord stab just sets a great tone and vibe to the whole atmosphere of the songs. What a soul gold this one is. I love it.

They say: The surreal, introspective visuals for Sole’s new single were self-directed and match the track in mood and tone, serving as a frank exploration of the artist’s past insecurities.

“For much of my life, I thought my mind was a dangerous place––the place where I was alone with, and overwhelmed by, thoughts of inadequacy, burden, depression and anxiety. My confidence came through external validation like academic success and in my 20s, I experienced a shift,” declares Sole.  “The Dangerous video is my rememory of the process of embracing the shadows. The mirror, the altar, and the spotlight represent areas of my life that required me to internalize a deep acceptance for my wholeness as modelled through the radical love and care I received from my community of Black revolutionaries, Black queer people and Black healers.”

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