Simo – Forest Hunt

Simo – Forest Hunt

I got sent this song and i just fell in love. The autotune does not bother me at all, as it normally does, but with this song its just so cool. The vibe is like a awesome bedroom ambient with a great African vibe. A total internet gem! I wonder what forest i will be hunting. I just love this. Way to go Simo for Nigeria.

They say: In a world that gives you the illusion that every single thing (dead or alive) is against you. I’m in the forest and they’re hunting for my life

A beat maker as well as artist, Simo has been very well alone in his journey to the top. He describes his journey as a “jungle” but isn’t at all intimidated by the obstacles ahead of him; he is in love with the idea of fighting to get the top as it proves to himself how much he loves making his own kind and versatile style of music. He says his sound comes straight from “paradise”; get ready and hop unto this journey with SIMO

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