AnFlo – Dont Leave Me

AnFlo – Dont Leave Me

I heard this amazing song and i just fell in love. The verses and pre-chorus are just as you expected but the chorus is phenomenal, so good. She can sign extremely well, with a great touch of personality. The pads and production sound smooth and soothing as well. Im am literally listening this over and over again, nonstop… I love it.

She says: This song is about a situationship/relationship that isn’t working out because the person doesn’t place the same value in you as you do in them. It’s about the process of realising one’s worth. I wanted a song that left people feeling empowered.

AnFlo is a London-based Cameroonian singer, songwriter and producer with a passion for creating music that stimulates every single one of the senses. Her refreshing new sound encapsulates influences of her Cameroonian roots, R&B, soul and Afropop. This affords audiences exposure to a really unique tone and incredible vocal strength. Her vision is to create honest music that challenges listeners to introspectively reflect on themselves and the incredible world around them. AnFlo is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where she majored in Music Production & Engineering which has allowed her the room to be truly authentic and experimental in the musical experiences that she orchestrates. It is predicted that AnFlo will go on to become a force to be reckoned with in the industry as she remains committed to making music that truly feeds the soul.

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