Karina – 2000

Karina – 2000

Dream pop duo Karina celebrate the 1 year anniversary of their second album ’2’ with a new music video. Directed by Joona Möttö, the cinematic ’2000’ music video stars Sonja Kuittinen and Jessica Piasecki.

’2000’ is probably the loudest song Karina has released so far. ”It started off as a quiet song with only kantele and guitar. Somehow it took a left turn in the studio”, singer/guitarist Karin Mäkiranta says. ’2’ was released just before the Finnish lockdown in March. Co-produced by Jonas Verwijnen at Kaiku Studios Berlin , ’2’ deals with “self-acceptance, going to therapy, letting go of ego, facing fears, breaking habits and making up one’s mind”.

In January 2020, Karina performed twice at Eurosonic in Netherlands, the biggest showcase festival in Europe. Although all plans were cancelled, Karina were able to perform the new album in full at the House of Culture, Helsinki in September for maximum of 500 people.

Karina — Karin Mäkiranta and Helmi Tikkanen — released their debut album Karina in 2018 to rave reviews, whiich quickly established their position as one of the most prominent indie bands in Finland. The debut was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize in 2019 (’Honey’ by Robyn won). In 2019, the American indie band Beirut personally invited Karina to warm up for them in Luxembourg.

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