People Club – Francine

People Club – Francine

Just love this band, i was mixing one of their live shows a while a go, also they visited the studio years a go. They doo keep on delivering more and more solid bangers, i wish all the success to them! Please see the video for the new single below.

They say:

People Club was formed in early 2018 in Berlin. Meeting over the internet, the five members bonded over a deep love of Soul and Motown records. 

After a string of wild sold-out shows in Berlin and support slots in Dublin and London, they released their debut double-sided single ‘Better/Lonesome’ in June 2019 to critical acclaim, receiving airplay on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 6 to name but a few. 

The working-class activist ethos which exemplified the 60s Soul movement underpins the lyrical direction of the band. Tackling contemporary issues such as Male Chauvinism and Christian Conservatism, lead singer Sarah Martin uses her platform as a opportunity to provoke discussion and incite rebellion against toxic norms. 

Their forthcoming EP, ‘Kil Scott’ reveals this deeper side to the band, their indie sensibilities remaining alongside a more pronounced exploration of the heritage of Soul. The indulgent synth and delayed guitar passages carry Martin’s vocals with finesse, with major nods towards the likes of Gil Scott Heron and Marvin Gaye as well as Crumb and Sports. 

People Club’s recording approach also remains true to the studio sensibilities so unequivocally associated with the Motown sound. Drummer Drew Deal describes the band’s process, ‘We lay down tracks in a way that captures the feeling an experience happening at that moment, a prevalent element throughout Motown’s canon. We’re trying to achieve this sense of immediacy on our songs by recording everything live.’ 

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