Orions Belte – Lotus

Orions Belte – Lotus

This osngs just hit the right time and in the right place in my soul. The riff is just intriguing and the playing of the band is solid AF. Their production and mixing is very cool retro and dirty. I just fell in love with this! Check out their performance below.

They say:

Orions Belte, the 3 piece from Norway who last year put out a well-received but under-the-radar cover of Ghostface Killah’s “Cherchez La Ghost” in 2019, blend underground pop, psych, rhythmic instrumentation and world music into a mysterious yet infectious mix. Artists like !!!, Mark Barrott and ESG, or even some corners of the Stones Throw or Light In the Attic catalogs come to mind.

Their new track “Lotus” is a good slice of their style — breezy but driving. It’s from their album Villa Amorini, out April 9th on Jansen Records

Named after a Bergen restaurant owned by band member Chris Holm’s family that became a hotspot in the 90s for live music, Villa Amorini is what the band calls “a homage to an era of loud music, club nights, ugly shirts and long afterparties.” The album explores new creative and aural depths, boasting the energy of a busy downtown sidewalk, with instruments intricately layered and drawing in the listener.

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