Jeni Schapire – Only Fool

Jeni Schapire – Only Fool

Jeni songs is a grower.. the lyrics and chorus is just to DIE FOR, so amazing. “When the only fool is you”.. what a line!! He singing performance and the horns suit the song and composition so well. Just love this song and songwriting.

They say: With narrative-rich lyricism and enchanting vocals, newcomer Jeni Schapire shares her story through song and is ready to share her debut EP, What’s In A Name featuring the gorgeous “Only Fool” single. Hailing from Princeton, New Jersey, Jeni now calls Tennessee home -a fitting place for the rising artist and producer whose sound is a unique blend of folk and pop that leans into the electronic and cinematic sphere.

Jeni recently caught Billboard‘s attention with her self-produced single “Casual” (2020) from her upcoming EP. Billboard wrote, “There’s something heart-rending about Jeni Schapire’s voice as she sings…The incisive songwriting only stands to bolster Schapire’s stunning vocals, as she emotes through every syllable of the heart-breaking song.”

Jeni began performing when she was 15 under the moniker, Jennifer Rae. However, she soon came to realize that name didn’t ​truly​ reflect who she was as a songwriter. To step into her authentic identity as an artist meant a reclamation of her name: Jeni Schapire. From this reflection, her EP, What’s In A Name, was born. The EP was crafted out of necessity and stepping into her own identity. Jeni shares, “It’s been a long journey. Like a lot of queer folks, it took a long time to even be honest with myself. Learning to embrace my queerness has been crucial to feeling like my truest self and is weaved into the storytelling in these songs.”

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