Memes – So What

Memes – So What

I hear this song and fell in love. The pure energy that comes thru the first bass and guitar notes just drives you to listen more. The cleaver lyrics of cutting a song in half, and the fact that the chorus comes in so quickly makes you want to jump up and start pogoing . I love it.

They say: Memes have a problem. In their new single ‘So What’  they confess to never listening to a song more than half way through, and yet, they need you to listen to this song right to the end of its 103 seconds. All the work they’ve put in, all those ratty guitars and pogo-primed vocals, the rhythmic urgency and loping bass, would all be lost to listeners who gave up at the halfway point. ‘So What?’ you might say.

So What?’ is taken from the forthcoming ‘MEMES’ EP which will be released on November 20th on fierce panda.

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