Siv Disa – Fear

Siv Disa – Fear

I was scrolling thru some songs and fond this one and fell in love. She has a magic voice and expression how she sing. The song writing is really interesting and forward thinking.. love the “lofi” vibe on the production as it does not bother me at all because the song shines thru so well.

She says: “this is my second release with trapped animal records! It was written pre-corona virus but in this uncertain time the lyrics and the ideas surrounding fear have changed. It’s a little disco, a little downtempo, and pretty synth heavy. 

Siv Disa’s songs are pleas for honesty— from artist to self and from artist to audience. Originally a pianist, she combines elements of the classical world with the textures of modern electronic instruments to create a home for bare lyrical confessions. Drawing inspiration from an array of sources spanning from The Supremes to Shostakovich, she writes songs that have been described as both emotional and experimental in their composition, with a focus on sharp-tongued lyrics. At live shows, Siv enjoys performing with her backing band under the name “Siv Disa and the Sea Divers”.

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