Imani Wj Wright – So I Thought

Imani Wj Wright – So I Thought

Found this marvellous song online and fell in love!

Just the beautiful songwriting of this song grabs you in, and after that, time stands still….. You just want to stay in that space with the song until the end.

Forbes Magazine:

“Wright is a classically trained 21 year old musician from Baltimore, Maryland who’s won numerous accolades for his musical skills. One of those accolades being from The Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University, conferring him with an “Outstanding Performance’’ award. Some of his musical performances also include a headlining show at the Kennedy Centre, on August 24, 2019. This well received performance fused elements of Opera, Jazz, and R&B. It included his most known piece “So I Thought”, and an array of other pieces written by Wright. He also boasts an impressive track record, having performed in 10+ Sofar Sounds cities across the United States, including a scintillating performance at their 10th Anniversary show in Seattle,Washington.”

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