Egopusher – Elenor

Egopusher – Elenor

Got sent this psychedelic ride from our dear friends Egopusher. We did some recordings together that i still dear to me. love it. This is a long builder of a song and the dramatic violin adds beauty to the atmosphere.

Band says:

On Beyond, their sophomore full-length, Egopusher prove that they are Kubrick-level masters of modelling the future (im)possible. In terms of the implied poetry of paintings set in motion, the warm, saturated colors, the depth and detail of the sonic image and the ease with which elements of classicism are combined with retro-sci-fi aesthetics – this material brings to mind a 70 mm print of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not to mention, thematically these songs also address space travel, its psycho-spiritual side-effects and the perpetual negotiation with the arcane mediated via our technological advancements.

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