SUAD “The Door” Music Video

SUAD “The Door” Music Video

Suad’s background consists of years of working with a variety of domestic and international bands and projects. Working on her solo career has been a slow trek towards the debut album, a long journey through various experiments to find her voice as a composer and musician.

Please watch Suad’s “The Door” music video below.

Atwood Magazine says:

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the Riku Pihlanto-directed music video for “The Door,” the thrilling lead single off SUAD’s forthcoming debut solo album (due out November 2020 via Svart Records). A magnificent piano and vocals-driven song, “The Door” arrives as a song of inner strength and outer awe. It is a song that is as much about believing in yourself, as it is recognizing the beauty and wonder in our surrounding world.

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