Morioh Sonder – “Jadette”

Morioh Sonder – “Jadette”

New band alert!!

Our sister company Kieku Records has released a wonderful song called “Jadette” by a new indie band form Berlin called Morioh Sonder

Hailing from various parts of Europe, Morioh Sonder’s sound is an expression of the eclectic personalities of each band member. The original duo of Alexy and Flavy came together in Italy in 2017. After meeting drummer Elijah, the band moved to Los Angeles where they began to refine their sound in front of a live audience, eventually leading them to the cultural melting-pot of Berlin in early 2018. Without a home in the German capital and forced to live a transient lifestyle,  It was not until the band snuck backstage at a show in Berlin and befriended acclaimed producer Martin ‘Lucky’ Waschkowitsch, who recorded and mixed Parcels’ breakthrough album, with whom they produced their debut EP “Is This Psychedelia?”. Morioh Sonder’s songwriting brings together surf pop and psych rock, in an amalgamation with influences from post punk, disco and Brit-pop, producing a unique, dance worthy, yet whimsical modern pop sound, sitting somewhere between Tame Impala, M83 and MGMT. The band released their debut single ‘I Want To Die On My Birthday’ in the autumn of 2019 and have since been playing regularly across Germany’s capital, with a steadily growing following and polishing a strong live show.

Kieku Records · KIEKU012 – Morioh Sonder – Jadette

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