Joensuu 1685 new Single and Album

Joensuu 1685 new Single and Album

We are proud and exited to share this news of new music from Joensuu 1685.

“Light In The Heart Of Our Town” is the second single to be released from Joensuu 1685’s upcoming album ÖB, out later this year. Of the album, the band say “We started to write the songs in 2008 in Helsinki, jamming intensely. By 2010 we did two recording sessions in a small cabin next to a vast field in the heart of Öströbotnia, that’s when we knew we’re doing the album ÖB. That’s when the vision became clear. It was nearly done in 2010, then we just left it there and didn’t touch it for 8 years. When we got back to it in 2018 we wanted to return to the vision we had ten years before. Revisit our former selves and bring a piece of our past to the present, bring ÖB back to life, raise it from the dead”. 

“Light in the Heart of Our Town” is out on May 29. ÖB is out on October 9 on Gems Records. 

GEMS · Joensuu 1685 – Light in the Heart of Our Town

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