Karina – “Auta”

Karina – “Auta”

Karina are set to release their second album ‘2’ via GEMS record label. It follows their Nordic Music Prize-nominated and critically acclaimed debut ‘Karina’, which was championed by a handful of tastemakers in the UK including BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 2, and more, and set them up on a European tour supporting Beirut.

Their music is a stunning blend of ethereal vocals and intricate instrumentation, with lyrical themes that deal with “self-acceptance, going to therapy, letting go of ego, facing fears, breaking habits and making up one’s mind”.

This can be seen on stunning new single ‘Auta (Help Me)’, a gorgeously melodic, folk-infused dream pop track about “lifting up someone who feels lost”.

“Lyrically this album really took the greatest influences from the discussions we had, considering self-reflection and the power of being really honest about your true emotions” says Karin. “We’ve tried to build a narrative that flows naturally from start to end” says Helmi. “There are many ’breaking points’ that have a special place in that narrative, for example the endings of Tunnustus, Claus or Teko, but I see the album as one huge track that has many layers.”

These lyrical intricacies are more relevant on the record as the album is sung entirely in Finnish. The duo utilise the language’s wonderful semantics and subtleties in such a way that they that the record’s vocals almost act as an additional instrument, from percussive rolls to sweeping string-like arpeggios. That holistic style of song writing encapsulates Karina’s natural talent.

Recorded, Produced and Mixed az Kaiku Studios Berlin

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