DENA – “Imaginary Friends”

DENA – “Imaginary Friends”

Art work by Johanna Dumet

The Fader says
I love DENA!!! The Bulgaria-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter always has a stack of genius melodies and clever lyrics on deck, often about some crucial nuance of being a human.

Stereogum says
The new track is a sneakily addicting piece, built on a laidback groove and gentle synth stabs. Todorova conjures up the more alternative end of the R&B spectrum, cooing above the track with a low-key but expressive rasp

DENA says:
Imaginary Friends is about intense feelings that happen in one’s mind. It’s about desire and distance that communication can bring along. It’s about dealing with feelings, love and intimacy within different versions of reality and their technical simulations. It’s also a song about the hope of love as a much needed protection. I had been thinking a lot about the topic and the song came to life one afternoon when my friend and bandmate Daniel Nentwig played me those piano chords he had written a while back. I immediately fell in love with them and recorded, wrote and produced everything around them. I sang the words straight into my laptop as it’s one of the most direct communication tools we all are connected through.

Please listen to it below:

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