ISLAJA “Sadetta”

ISLAJA “Sadetta”



the recording that ended up in the album is actually our first take, the one you do for sound testing. I think we had five channels all together; Tatu Rönkkö on sampler, me on vocals and flute, and Jonas Verwijnen from Kaiku studios behind the recording desk. One of the samples that Tatu uses is the sound of spaghetti being thrown on the floor.

This version is third incarnation of this song. The original song is called Sateen Tullessa and it is on the album Palaa Aurinkoon from the year 2005. That’s more than ten years ago, but i haven’t forgotten its basic elements with a second-hand 8-tracker and cheap Casio synth. And also how I stole lines from Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra and blended them with my half-finished lyrics.

The second incarnation was a live version (which was never recorded) based on a short loop from an Uzbek folk song. This brought in some raga vibes and I felt a kind of shamanistic concentration while performing it. In this version, the third version, I added a flute solo when it all started sounding too serious. The loop from the folksong was replaced by Tatu’s spaghetti sample. So this song consists of many layers that have been added or taken away over time.

“There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having missed out on something when discovering that the artist you’ve just heard for the first time has recently released their sixth album. Islaja, where have you been all my life?”

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Tarrantulla is out now via Svart Records.

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