February Montaine. Check this story out!

February Montaine. Check this story out!


It’s with great excitement we can introduce you to the work of February Montaine!

After February’s stepdaughter Suzy and her friend Sam came to us with a box of Suzy’s stepdads tapes we’ve been a little obsessed with bringing them back to life. Written and recorded somewhere between the late 80’s and the early 90’s this collection of heartfelt, lo-fi recordings are a reminder that music can exist anywhere and everywhere but no matter how lost they might be some music is too good to be hidden forever.

For more about his life Suzy’s mum Amelia has been keeping a really moving diary here; http://februarylives.tumblr.com/.

Please support them here -> https://februarymontaine.bandcamp.com/releases

Mixed at KAIKU

Also keep an eye open for a February Montaine Tribute performance near you soon. Wherever you are up there February we hope you’re happy with what you hear!

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