New Mikko Joensuu Music Video “Dream About A Miracle”

New Mikko Joensuu Music Video “Dream About A Miracle”

Dream about a miracle caption

Watch new video below and read a in depth interview on STEREOGUM.

“Ask almost any musician and you’ll get the same answer: Making albums is hard work. From the creative side, wrangling the abstract forms and ideas of music into a tangible presence, to all the technical aftermath, like the long list of minute tweaks that make a record sound good and correct, a lot of exertion goes into a solid finished product. That’s before you get to outside pressures, like the idea of releasing a debut, or a first solo album, or your first release after some time away. So when Finnish musician Mikko Joensuu eventually decided he was making his solo debut via not one, but three connected albums, you might be able to forgive any friends and family who were dubious or thought he was, well, a bit crazy.”


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