JYLDA’s New Song “The Body”

JYLDA’s New Song “The Body”


“Imagine being able to distill that particular emotion that only David Lynch is able to invoke (a sweet mixture of something blue, ominous, yet irreverent and utterly mesmeric) and now give it a bit of that syrupy, neon vibe with a dash of your favourite moments from the Drive soundtrack – if you’re able to do that, you might be ready for JYLDA. This Berlin based singer, songwriter and producer blew our minds with her dreamy, new single called ‘The Body’. When we received the song, we were lost in her pensive space for hours on end – playing the thing in a perpetual loop, unable to turn it off. And this doesn’t happen all too often. There’s a lot of great music out there, but falling in love with a song is still contingent on catching the rays of the Blue Moon.”

-FAME Magazine premiere new Jylda song.

Mixed at Kaiku Studios !

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