New Moon Duo Single ” Creepin’ “

New Moon Duo Single ” Creepin’ “


So exited to share this with you!

Mixed at Kaiku

The Quietus says:

” Occult Architecture Vol. 1 is the fourth album from Moon Duo and will be released in the new year via Sacred Bones. Ahead of that though, we have a single from the pair to share entitled ‘Creepin”.

The track is the second to be unveiled from the album following last month’s sharing of ‘Cold Fear’ with Vol. 1 marking the first of the album’s two parts, this one described as “darker” than its successor. The album is inspired by “the occult and esoteric literature of Mary Anne Atwood, Aleister Crowley, Colin Wilson, and Manly P. Hall”, but is no less lit up by swampy riffs and the pair’s joint vocals.”

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