DENA’s “Lights, camera, action” on Pitchfork

DENA’s “Lights, camera, action” on Pitchfork

Tonje Thilesen
// Picture: Tonje Thilesen

Pitchfork shared DENA‘s Lights, camera, action on their website! DENA’s music is mixed at Kaiku Studios.

“On “Lights, Camera, Action,” Dena’s casting for her summer romance in a sea of poseurs. She wastes no time in getting straight to business and reeling off the terms of engagement with slinky exasperation: “Welcome to my movie/Glad that you said hi/Are you here to stay?/Are you only passing by?/Are you just an extra?/Are you gonna try?” A flurry of handclaps steer her mellow piano into an agitated chorus, and the pace never lets up, Dena’s attitude hardening as she dismisses more and more weak candidates. Even if one of these schmucks passed the test, you get the sense they’d have trouble keeping up with Dena’s unstoppable second coming.” -Laura Snapes / Pitchfork

Lights, camera, action is also noted on The Autumn Roses and Hype Machine and the song is also on Spotify so you can add the track on your playlist too!

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