Wolf Parade’s new EP is out today!

Wolf Parade’s new EP is out today!

kaiku-wolf parade EP

Wolf Parade‘s new EP is released today! The new EP is untitled but is listed as EP 4. It’s mixed by Kaiku Studios Berlin and released via Wolf Parade Productions.

Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner briefly described the new music on Exclaim telling that “there’s a heavy glam vibe on the new stuff, which I’m really diggin’, kinda reminded me of early Queen and The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack.” Pitchfork also interviewed Spencer Krug earlier this year about the band’s reunion and future plans – click here to read the interview.

The new EP has four songs on it and you can buy it from Wolf Parade’s online store – click here to enter the store.

Wolf Parade – EP 4
01 Automatic
02 Mr. Startup
03 C’est La Vie Way
04 Floating World

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