SULK’s new album “No Illusions” is out today!

SULK’s new album “No Illusions” is out today!


SULK‘s new album No Illusions is released today! No Illusions is produced and mixed by Kaiku Studios Berlin and published via Echo Drug Recordings.

“The first four songs — “Black Infinity (Upside Down),” “The Only Faith Is Love,” “No Illusions,” and “Drifting” — all fall in that category of cascading British guitar music that has you waking up with the riffs stuck in your head, maybe even more so than the vocal hooks (of which there are a ton here, as well).

It’s all infused with this massive psychedelic swagger, though, too. Where SULK’s earlier material bled by in pretty watercolor blur, now they ignite and/or lift off according to the mood of the song. From the aforementioned tracks to “Love Can’t Save You Now” or spaced-out closer “Another Man Fades Dawn,” No Illusions sounds like SULK controlling different moments of a storm on the shore, songs crashing and twisting like waves driven by a Technicolor hurricane. It’s an often gorgeous album, offering the kind of music well-suited for wandering aimlessly through the afternoon, whether down the street or down convoluted and lesser-visited pathways in your head.” -Ryan Leas / Stereogum

You can purchase SULK’s new album from their webstore as CD, LP or MP3.

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