Benedikt’s new song “I’m Yours” premiered on Earmilk

Benedikt’s new song “I’m Yours” premiered on Earmilk

Picture // Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Earmilk premiered Benedikt‘s expansive new song, I’m Yours, on their website. Benedikt’s music is produced by Kaiku Studios Berlin.

“The track portrays an unnerving, ominous soundscape swell in unison with moaning, echo-y vocals. In pained lyrics, Benedikt professes his willingness to surrender himself completely to the object of his affection. Reverberating electronic pops slice through suppressed, amorphous surges of throbbing bass. Yet, there is an underlying quietness to the track when all of the sounds blend together into one harmonious hum, serving as a musical white noise.” -Emma Buchanan, Earmilk

Listen to the new song on Benedikt’s SoundCloud!

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