Introducing Benedikt: Listen to ‘Vikings’

Introducing Benedikt: Listen to ‘Vikings’


Benedikt began life on Vancouver Island, homeschooled and surrounded by nature. Perhaps that explains his sparse soundscapes and penchant for a woodland photo shoot. Not only a talented musical newcomer, at 15 he attended the Canadian national ballet school and began to connect music with movement. A move to the Netherlands saw him turn his hand to choreography before settling in Berlin, where he now resides, in 2010.

After spending two years developing his first EP, Soma, today we’re premiering his first track, “Vikings”. Wistful and ghostly, Benedikt’s vocals dangle in the treble while the bass below is a lethargic pulse, expanding into heavenly ascending climax. Softly distorted and echoing throughout, Benedikt whispers after angels longingly, set to a backdrop that’s creeping after him. A poignant one to watch for 2016, we caught up with the musician, director and producer to try and unpick his unique style.

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