D E N A’s Acoustic Jam @ Kaiku: “Games”

D E N A’s Acoustic Jam @ Kaiku: “Games”

We’re vibe-ing so hard on this track – Last Saturday we jammed out with D E N A at our studio and recorded this acoustic version of her gem, “Games”. A perfect holiday treat.

“And all you want me to do is to connect you // with everyone that I know//
Drop a nice word on you // But I know what you are actually all about //
all that you want is to be closer to the stars (…)//And everything is all ok //
Until the point when you start to pretend that you //
Want me to be your real friend // Tell you everything//
But something’s telling me that you’re playing games”

D E N A – Games (Acoustic Version) from dftb on Vimeo.

Filmed by Emily Longfield & Zoe Kahlert
Recorded and mixed by Jonas Verwijnen
Edited by Emily Longfield
Logo design by Mario Urban


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