Norman Palm with Odd Man Out: New Album

Norman Palm with Odd Man Out: New Album

Release date: 27/11/2012

From Norman’s Website:

This album comes out without any label or marketing plan, without promotion, ads or publicity. In the past I have spent a great deal of time and nerves on those things. Financially, none of those efforts have ever paid off for anyone. In fact, it has only distracted me from making music. So with this album I thought I would give it a break and just do it like this: Cut the middleman, cut the bla bla. As a type of therapy, for us, for you and for our wallets.”

This means Norman & Odd Man Out’s album, produced by Kaiku, is free and/or one can pay as much as they’d like to. So download and share away, without a tinge of guilt. We recommend paying the guys for all their hard work, as this record is definitely worth every penny.

Find out more on Norman’s website.

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