New Judas 012 THE WALL “Ibuprofen” out now!

New Judas 012 THE WALL “Ibuprofen” out now!


New Judas very proudly presents THE WALL, a brand spanking new collaboration between DOWNTOWN of RENAISSANCE MAN (Turbo, Kitsune) and our own OBI BLANCHE (Tigerbeat 6, What What). A hobo-technician meets a minimal experimentalist and the result is not, like you could think judging this song by the title a headache but a perfect blend of rustic organ chords and inventive beats with a groove you can’t resist.

Not sounding like your drug of choice?

Then perhaps the flip side will be your remedy. A driving remix from the always amazing DAS GLOW, a uk funky with a german minimal twist remix from our canadian FORDINHO and as if that wasn’t enough a Dub version of the original! Enjoys to you all!

Ibuprofen – The Wall by New Judas Records

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