Siinai signs to Splendour

Siinai signs to Splendour

After a great appearance at SPOT festival this weekend, we’re happy to announce that Siinai has signed to the Norwegian label Splendour. Their debut ‘Olympic Games’ will be released later this summer.
The band have also announced a collaboration with Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade to be recorded later this year as part of his “Moonface” project.

“Siinai were brilliant: almost totally instrumental, with intense Krautish rhythms, ebbing and flowing melodies delivered with an intensity that only Finnish bands can summon.”
Kieron Tyler (MOJO/The Arts Desk) on their set at SPOT

Siinai’s debut album “Olympic Games” is a powerful experience of huge krautrock hymns with giant hooks, motorik marathons, psychedelic soundscapes and melodies of grief and relief. Building repetition leads you to moments of complete bliss.
Source: Splendour site

Listen to the first track ‘Anthem 1&2’
Anthem 1&2- Siinai by Splendour

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