New MVSEVM Single!!

New MVSEVM Single!!


Cultural multitaskers Mvsevm call themselves the kind of people that ”could be techno retirees,” but the swelling synth and ecstatic hazy glow of Calligraphy suggests otherwise. If Bob Ross from The Joy of Painting dropped peyote and went on a three day spirit quest, it’s very likely that he’d see something like this at the peak of his hallucination.

Mvsevm craft a true big room anthem that’s simultaneously focused and wild, a song that meshes together the feel of a quiet, well organized room with all the shrieks and spilled drinks of a sweaty warehouse somewhere in the meat packing district of Manhattan when the sun’s just about to come up.

But as the track culminates and everything spirals together and intersects in an explosion of primary colors, one thing becomes really clear: This is dance music made by people who love and understand it.

This is the second release from Mvsevm on Discobelle Records. The last one took the world by storm and got support from Sinden, Fatboy Slim, Laidback Luke, Fake Blood, Crookers, Riva Starr, Feadz and many many more.

Released by Discobelle Records , get it from Beatport

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