New JOENSUU 1685/BRAD LANER split out soon

New JOENSUU 1685/BRAD LANER split out soon

This release is the second LP from the Oslo‐based record label Splendour, which is a partner of the booking agency UFA (whom handles bands like Serena Maneesh, Jaga Jazzist, 120 Days, Diskjokke, Chad Valley and Bjørn Torske).

This limited edition 12” (1000 copies worldwide) pairs noise pop legend Brad Laner (from seminal shoegaze band Medicine) with the eclectic, dark and bluesy Finnish trio Joensuu 1685.

Brad Laner contributes 3 tracks, which are comparable to the type of lucid, eccentric noise pop that made his last two solo LPs so striking and masterful. Brad’s take on Chicago’s “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” is a must here for anyone with Chicago VI and Loveless in the same record collection.

During a break from touring their first album and supporting Wolf Parade Joensuu 1685 recorded hours of new material in a cabin in Northern Finland. The eerie and nearly 17‐minute‐long noise rock piece “Lost Highway” is the first track to surface from these sessions.

1) Hero Seed‐ Brad Laner 3:32
2) Feelin’ Stronger Every Day‐ Brad Laner (Chicago cover) 4:47
3) Fountain Climber‐ Brad Laner 4:51
1) Lost Highway‐ Joensuu 1685 16:45

Label: Splendour (www.splendour.no)
Distribution: World: Splendour, UK/ GAS: Cargo, BENELUX: Munich/V2
Release Date: March 14th, 2011

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