EAGLE BOSTON Record and Tour!

EAGLE BOSTON Record and Tour!

The beloved prog/noise band have finally made it all the way to get their self titled debut record out!

How would Suzanne Vega sound strangling an elephant?
The possibility of such an encounter ever happening overrides the imaginative faculty. So, too, with Eagle Boston and their self-titled debut; one is invited onto a lollypop spaceship ride (albeit a very Teutonic sounding one, and massive as all things Teutonic sound, and as all bands should!); a forest beauty caresses our ears while the basses warble around our feet, organically at first, reminiscent of green, soft moss. It doesn’t turn bad our trip with Eagle, they don’t let us down and the shit’s not laced, we remain soaring after they’ve let us on with the slow to mid-tempo “Paper Trees .” Our ears, however, have to become adjusted to the altitude and you get that funny buffeted feeling that ears tend to get when they are exposed to bouts of cold wind for too long.


26.11 Berlin, regenbogenkino DE
27.11 Ghent, houseparty BE
28.11 Utrecht, leguesswho festival NL
29.11 Paris, le pop in FR
30.11 Lausanne, le romandie CH
03.12 London, george tavern UK

please find the band and all info for the release on Facebook and Myspace

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