Blue On Blue “Summer Daze”

Blue On Blue “Summer Daze”


We started to Produce and Manage this great new band from London, Blue on Blue!
please listen “Summer Daze” –> HERE

A nice review from The Line Of Best Fit:

“I first read about Blue On Blue on a hot, stuffy Saturday afternoon sitting in the garden of a pub on the Southbank in London. It now seems oddly apt that today’s SOTD is ‘Summer Daze’, as that was my mood and general demeanour that afternoon.

‘Summer Daze’ perfectly captures that groggy, hazy feel of viewing the world passing around you whilst you sit, bake and consume some more excellent ale. The repetitive, chiming guitar riff echoes around, the vocals dream-like and floating on the bubbling bass guitar, which itself reminds me of Peter Hook’s laid back grooving. The vaguely spiritual lyrics and the laid-back delivery instantly make you think of reclining. And yet, despite this dream-like vibe, there’s a melancholy to their approach. That bass line, those vocals… there’s something industrial and bleak about it all. Perhaps ‘Summer Daze’ is a bid to lighten the mood, a chance for them to break free of their inner-city lives. Even their press-photo above hints at this battle line between the grey inner-city bleakness and the powerful colours and free-life of the countryside and flowers…

Or perhaps I’m reading too much into it…

Whatever you make of it, you can be certain of one thing, you’ll be hearing a lot more about Blue on Blue in the coming months…”

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