VUK and JOENSUU 1685 at Eurosonic!

VUK and JOENSUU 1685 at Eurosonic!


Next Thursday Jan 14th, two of our bands are playing a showcase in Groningen.

VUK: THU 14th – 23:45 – 00:30 at GRAND THEATRE

VUK myspace

VUK is the solo project of Finnish-American artist Emily Cheeger (Ex-Dirty Projectors). She recently toured in the USA with Fever Ray and is now working on new songs with Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey).

“Vuk is a Finnish-American artist whose unique music carries sonic strains that weave themselves into a rich, colorful tapestry of experimental rock, Balkan vocal music, meticulously layered organ harmonies, exuberantly inventive instrumentation and polyrhythmic walls of Vodou percussion. Her songs explore inner, fictional landscapes sculpted by dreams, sex, trauma, death and spiritual ecstasy. Live, Vuk expands into a percussion-and-organ-driven trio, and the sound of the pump organ takes center stage next to Vuk’s startling voice.”

JOENSUU 1685: THU 14th – 01:15 – 02:00 at VERA

Joensuu 1685 myspace

JOENSUU 1685 is a rock trio from Finland, formed in Helsinki 2007 by two brothers Mikko Joensuu, Markus Joensuu and (of same name but not a relative) Risto Joensuu, all in their early twenties. They love to get drowned in overtones, feedbacks and noises, due to paint a soft but sizzling stream of big beauty. Repetitive bass riffs, powerful yet pretty restrained drumming, extensive guitar overtones, pastoral organs and Mikko’s singing creates original soundscapes and adds something new to the scenes where they might draw their influences from: bluesy garage psychedelia from the late 60s to the wall of sounds in the 80s and early 90s.

Also, this month a limited edition of 7inches on JOENSUU 1685’s cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Im On Fire” is released thru FITZGEROVIAN RECORDS (Sub label of Heavenly Records). Distribution thru Rough Trade.

Joensuu 1685 on tour after EUROSONIC:

15 Jan 2010 Cul de Sac, Tilburg
16 Jan 2010 Klub Radar @ Tivoli, Utrecht
18 Jan 2010 The Social, London (Single release party!)
19 Jan 2010 12 Bar, London
20 Jan 2010 The Ruby Lounge, Manchester
21 Jan 2010 The Captain’s Rest, Glasgow

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