LCMDF’s new single ‘Something Golden’ out on Kitsuné 7th of December

LCMDF’s new single ‘Something Golden’ out on Kitsuné 7th of December


The three Finnish ladies with a French name are back, and they’re better than ever, ready to make good on their promise of chart usurpation. upcoming single Something Golden is a definite winner.

As is evident from new single Something Golden, a song scattered with 90s-sounding dub beats and aof the Bitches, a sort of punky-pop electro fest, was released in April of this year on Stimulus to rapturous applause. The single, a shouty, underground, beat-driven dose of punky electronica, was, as The Guardian so eloquently put it “pristine, pulsating electronic pop.”

The music press and club DJ’s alike all celebrated the Kaiku Studios-produced pop song, and its download howling chorus, the new direction transcends earlier comparisons such as CSS, Yelle, Robots in Disguise
and Chicks On Speed, to adopt a much slicker, cleaner urbane sound. New cuts explore the ambiance and pop riffs that lurked under the jungle beats of earlier efforts and, as a result, produce a much more mature pop sound – though not without their signature quirky wavering vocals and scratchy overlays.

Listen to SOMETHING GOLDEN on Le Corps Mince de Françoise’s MYSPACE

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